Drinking water system Zip HydroTap®
G4 C

The drinking water systems provides filtered chilled drinking water within seconds from a single tap. This unit is perfectly suited for increased demand, for example in reception areas of large offices and hotels. The integrated filter improves the water quality and the touch display makes it easy to configure the energy saving mode. 
  • Undersink drinking water system, dispenses filtered chilled still drinking water within seconds
  • Electronic dispensing tap with lever operation, function indicators
  • Touch display for menu navigation and for activating the energy saving modus 
  • Locking position of the levers for convenient filling without holding
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Easy-to-replace sub-micron particle filter cartridge with activated carbon filter, filters hazardous substances > 0.2 micron and improves the taste of water
  • Leakage protection system 
  • Das G4 C 175
    Performance: 0.3 kW 230 V
    ca. 175 glasses / h chilled water
    Dimensions (H × B × T): 33.5 × 34 × 47.6 cm 

Optional chrome tap – installation

At the sink
This tap is installed next to the kitchen tap at the sink, while the unit is installed out of sight under the sink.


Flexible installation
The optional chrome tap font can be installed on any worktop aside from the sink. (Prod. code: 44111)