Instant boiling water and chilled water system
Zip HydroTap® BC..

Drinking is important and healthy. Now it is also amazingly easy, because the drinking water system also dispenses filtered chilled drinking water as well as filtered boiling hot water instantly from the same tap. And because it is no longer necessary to buy, store or handle heavy water bottles the appliance soon pays for itself.

  • Under-sink drinking water system with electronic tap. Dispenses filtered boiling and chilled water instantly from the same tap
  • Electronic dispensing tap featuring lever operation, function display and safety lock as user protection where required 
  • Lever lock for easy filling of pots 
  • Electronic temperature control for added efficiency
  • LCD control panel for menu control of energy-saving models
  • Integrated filter system with easily replaceable filter cartridge
  • White painted case and stainless-steel tank
  • Performance: 
    BC 100 / 125: 1.5 kW 230 V (3.0 litres 65 – 100 °C; 3.5 litres 4 – 10 °C)
    BC 150 / 175: 2.0 kW 230 V (5.0 litres 65 – 100 °C; 6.5 litres 4 – 10 °C)
  • Dimensions (H × W × D):
    BC 100 / 125: 34 × 44 × 43 cm
    BC 150 / 175: 40 × 50× 47 cm 
ZIP HydroTap® Installation © CLAGE
ZIP HydroTap® Installation © CLAGE

Installed as you wish

Sink mounted
The tap is generally mounted on the sink in addition to the existing mixer tap. The under-sink unit is installed in the kitchen sink unit beneath the tap.

With optional Tap Font
Alternatively, it is also possible to install (bench-mount) the tap and drainage Font (available as accessory, Art. no.: 44101) on virtually any work top.