Solar Heat

Every year, the sun provides us with many times the energy of all known fossil fuel reserves. This radiant energy is available all the time, and what‘s more, it‘s free. To meet the world‘s growing energy demand while at the same time protecting the environment we need to tap into this huge potential. 
Solar energy systems for hot water production and supplementary heating make a significant contribution to this. Not only do they allow independence from fluctuating fossil fuel prices and heating periods but they also considerably reduce the running costs. 
It is possible to compensate for weather-related fluctuations in the amount of energy harvested from the sun's radiation with instantaneous water heaters installed at a peripheral locations in the supply system. That allows solar-thermal systems to offer maximum comfort for a minimum amount of energy.
High-performance flat collectors to harvest heat from solar energy
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Solar thermal energy?

Solar thermal energy is the conversion of the sun's radiation to provide energy to heat hot water as well as support hot water heating systems. 
The solar collectors installed on the roof convert light into heat. The solar transfer fluid is pumped via a solar circuit to the storage tank (flow pipe). From here it is transferred to the drinking water supply via a heat exchanger in the bottom of the storage tank. 
The cooled media flows back to the collectors (return flow). The warmed storage water rises upwards from where it is drawn. The controller activates the pump in the solar circuit when the temperature in the collector is several degrees above the temperature in the lower part of the storage tank.