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The history of CLAGE.

Since our company was founded in 1951, we have been the specialist for decentralised hot water supply "Made in Germany". In our company history of more than 70 years there are numerous milestones which we would like to present in this history.

Click your way through our little journey through time: from the early days with pioneering spirit to the latest intelligent Smart Home solutions. Discover numerous interesting events that we have experienced in our time: whether the introduction of an innovative new product, personnel changes or expansion of the location. Everything in Lüneburg, everything under one roof.


Claus-Holmer Gerdes starts a trading company in Lüneburg.


"Beer mat" S1..3

The instantaneous water heater S1...3 with integrated water valve and bare wire technology in the basic body converts cold water taps into hot water sources. The device was officially sold in 1956.


U2-N de luxe


After the death of the company's founder, his wife Ulla Gerdes continued to run the company and, by setting up the production in the today’s still current location, laid the foundation for the future success story.


"The first 10,000 U2-N de luxe from own production."


M 1

The small rectangular instantaneous water heater M 1 is successfully introduced and increasingly replaces the previous round design. Production of the U2-N is discontinued in 1985.


"Small but strong!"

Slogan 1986–1994 (»Klein aber stark!«)

The sons Jörg and Joachim Gerdes join the company. The M 1 is increasingly successfully marketed as an "energy and water saver".


The ecological demand is moving more and more into the focus. The distribution is switched to the specialized trade.

A modern administration wing with glass offices is added.


C series

In the new federal states of Germany, instantaneous water heaters are met with great interest.

In order to develop the export business, the new C series with tubular heating elements is introduced.


"Sales triple in 3 years to 100,000 units!"

The company premises are tripled in size by taking over the neighbouring buildings. CLAGE GmbH is founded and entered in the commercial register by company transformation. Additional impulses come from the expansion of the product range to include large instantaneous water heaters and storage water heaters.


Logo 1994–2002

"Economically warm water"

Slogan 1994–2015 (»…wirtschaftlich warmes Wasser.«)

DX 18..27 and FDX

The new electronic instantaneous water heater DX sets innovative accents: Outstanding design and, for the first time, a keypad with completely new ease of use are very well received.

The FDX radio remote control preserves the functionality of the instantaneous water heater DX 18..27 even if the instantaneous water heater is hidden.



The new small instantaneous water heater series M 3..7 replaces the previous M 1 and is awarded the iF Design Award.


High-bay warehouses

A modern high-bay warehouse with 600 pallet spaces is completed.


With the new CX series, the range is complete for the time being. The CBH 11 is the first instantaneous water heater specifically for the kitchen sink, the CBX 13 is unique with modern electronics in the medium performance segment.

The company is certified for the first time by VDE Germany in accordance with ISO 9001 for the development, manufacture, sales and customer service of electric hot water appliances.


Logo with slogan 2002–2015


After more than 20 years of construction, the successful small instantaneous water heater appears in a completely new design as type MH (pressureless) or MDH (pressure-resistant).


Zip water systems

CLAGE takes over the distribution of the Zip water boilers and presents the first water boilers for under-table installation. At the push of a button, boiling and even cooled water flows out of the electronic tap at any time.

DLX 24

To round off the electronic instantaneous water heater series DX, the type DLX 24 appears. A special feature of this device is the Multiple Power System MPS®, whereby the installer only determines the connected load depending on the available power supply during installation. The device can be set by the installer to 18 kW, 21 kW or 24 kW as desired.



The second generation of electronic instantaneous water heaters will be presented at the International Trade Fair ISH. The completely newly developed series consists of three differently equipped types DSX, DEX and DBX. The DSX SERVOTRONIC MPS® sets new standards in terms of design, ease of use and equipment.

Jörg A. Gerdes presents the networking of instantaneous water heaters and mobile phones at the ISH 2005.


After a construction period of one and a half years, an architecturally challenging new building will be completed at the existing Pirolweg site, which has been extended once again, bringing together all the company's divisions. This investment increases the number of jobs to over 100.


Own electronics production

The proportion of instantaneous water heaters with electronic control is increasing at 40 %. To meet the increased requirements flexibly and qualitatively, all electronic circuit boards are produced in-house on a new SMD assembly line at the Lüneburg plant.


A new production site for solar collectors is opened in the Lüneburg port industrial area. The newly developed solar collector SCM 215 features an innovative lightweight geometry.


CFX-U and FX

The electronic instantaneous water heater CFX-U FUNKTRONIC MPS® receives the Plus X Award as best product of the year 2011. The prize was awarded for the innovative, energy-saving technology, the extraordinary design and the intelligent and simple operating concept.

At the same time, the market launch of the new electronic under-table instantaneous water heaters took place, which offer intelligent hot water comfort for kitchen sinks with a standard remote control.



The new MCX SMARTRONIC® small instantaneous water heater will be presented at ISH 2011. Elegant and powerful is the small device with the asymmetrical V-optics on the front view.


Smart Control

With the Smart Control System, CLAGE sets a new standard in convenient hot water control and transparent consumption recording. All instantaneous water heaters in the house can be intuitively controlled via touchpad, even if they have been concealed. A quick glance at the screen is all it takes to check usage time, water and energy consumption, and of course the costs for the selected period. An icon additionally provides a hint for efficient use: the fuller the glass, the more economical the behavior and the happier the fish.


New building

Directly opposite the main building a modern new building will be occupied. The new building consists of a production hall for electronic components connected to a two-storey office building. Warehouse and dispatch will be enlarged with an additional hall.


Logo since 2015

"Simply efficient."

Slogan since 2015

DSX Touch

The DSX Touch is presented at ISH 2015. The simple operation via touch display and the transparent consumption recording inspire the visitors. The flush-mounted integrated touch display allows several users with individual temperature profiles to be defined quickly and easily. Another ISH innovation is the connection of instantaneous water heaters to the KNX home automation system.


Smart Control App

The control app "Smart Control" is now also available for tablets and smartphones across systems ( iOS and Android ).

Top 100 Seal for CLAGE

CLAGE is now one of the top 100 most innovative companies in the German SME sector. Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar awarded CLAGE the Top 100 Seal in Essen. The innovation competition for medium-sized companies uses a demanding selection procedure to evaluate the innovation potential of various companies. Not only the innovation success is measured, but also the innovation climate, the organization, the external orientation and the management.


DSX Touch and DEX Next

The new innovative comfort instantaneous water heaters DSX Touch and DEX Next are presented at ISH 2019. Besides a brand new hood design there are many new features to discover. The DSX Touch also receives the Red Dot Award, the internationally acclaimed seal for outstanding design quality.


DLX Next, DCX Next, DBX Next

With the introduction of these three units, the renewal of the D-series is complete.


New building

New sales center at Pirolweg 4

CLAGE is expanding its company headquarters once again: the modern new main building offers spacious offices for German and global sales, numerous meeting rooms, a multimedia product exhibition, large seminar and training rooms and a completely new restaurant. In the "Clageteria", the catering team treats all employees and guests to freshly cooked dishes every day.


New look and new features for kitchen instantaneous water heaters

The "CFX-U" is now supplied with a Bluetooth remote control with e-paper display, high-quality real glass cover and modern sensor buttons.

The "CEX" and "CEX-U" models now have new, even larger LED displays and, like all compact instantaneous water heaters in the new "C series", a revised hood design.