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Other products

Which extra may it be?

In addition to water heaters, CLAGE also offers various chrome fittings for kitchen sinks, washbasins, bidets, showers and bathtubs. Depending on the model, the valves are supplied with DVGW-approved ceramic cartridges and flexible connection hoses. CLAGE also offers hand dryers for hygienic hand drying in sanitary rooms.

All products at a glance:

Hand dryer WHT
WHT: 1.0 kW, 230 V, Infrared touch-free sensor
Radio remote control FX
FX (until 2016)
Sensor taps for washbasins AEN, AEN-C, AEB, AEB-C
AEB: Battery powered, open-outlet
AEB-C: Battery powered, closed-outlet
AEN: Mains powered, open-outlet
AEN-C: Mains powered, closed-outlet
Vented taps for washbasins END, EWT, SNM, SNT
END: Single-lever mixing tap
EWT: Single-lever mixing tap
SNM: Two-handle mixer tap
SNT: Two-handle tempering mixer
Vented taps for kitchen sinks EAK, EKA, EKM
EAK: Single-lever mixer tap
EKA: Single-lever mixer tap
EKM: Single-lever mixer tap
Hand shower CXH
CXH: Hand shower for instant water heaters 6–13 kW
Vented taps for disposal sinks SMB, SME, CSO, SNO, SSO
SMB: Two-handle mixer tap
SME: Single-lever mixer tap
CSO: Single-lever mixer tap
SNO: Wall-mounted mixer tap
SSO: Single-lever mixer tap
Fittings for pressure-resistant installation EWT-C, AEB-C, AEN-C
EWT-C: Single-lever mixing tap
AEB-C: Sensor armature, battery operation
AEN-C: Sensor armature, mains operation

Archived products


Vented taps for showers BGS (End of Life)
BGS: no longer available