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Filter cartridge

Filter cartridge KKF
  • KKF limescale filter cartridge
    Filter cartridge

The KKF limescale filter for Zip water systems is used to treat your tap water. It can be used in Zip water systems and also for direct filtration of the water between the water connection and the tap. This is tap water for direct drinking enjoyment.

Operating instructions:
Replace the filter cartridge when the calculated capacity is reached, but at least once a year. The capacity is reduced if the recommended flow rate is exceeded. Always rinse the cartridge after initial installation or after a cartridge change.

  • Two-stage ion exchanger cartridge for softening, pH stabilizing and filtering water for appliances for making hot drinks, speciality coffees and tea
  • Reduces minerals such as calcium and magnesium as well as chlorine, odours and flavours
  • Uses ion exchange resins with pH value, pH stabilization prevents excessive acidity
  • Coconut membrane stabilization with particularly high capacity
  • Reduces water hardness, which can lead to scale formation in boiling water machines
  • Hygienic and easy replacement of filter cartridges. Internal filter parts are not exposed to contact or contamination

    Filter head and connection accessories must be ordered separately!

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Filter cartridge KKF limescale filter cartridge
KKF limescale filter cartridge
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