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We have specialised in the manufacturing of energy-efficient electric instantaneous water heaters, which have been specially designed for hand basins, kitchen sinks or bathroom supplies. Numerous German, European and international awards, prizes and good marks in various product tests confirm the high quality of our best electric instantaneous water heaters.

  1. Plus X Award 2022

    The CFX-U and the CEX-U were awarded.

  2. German Design Award 2020

    The MBX Shower was awarded.

  3. Red Dot

    Awarded: the new DSX Touch

  4. UX Design Awards 2016

    Nominated was the DSX Touch

  5. Plus X Award 2015/2016

    Awarded "Best Product of the Year 2015/2016": DSX Touch (DX2)

  6. IF product design award 2012

    Award-winning product: MCX

  7. Plus X Award 2011

    The CFX-U was awarded "Best Product of the Year 2011".

  8. Designpreis 2008

    Nominated product: DSX

  9. GGT user test 2007

    The DSX was awarded.

  10. Focus Energy Silber 2006

    Awarded product: DSX

Typical applications, optimal solutions, award-winning instantaneous water heaters!

Ideal for the washbasin: MCX electric instantaneous water heater
A small instantaneous water heater with an electrical connected load of 3.5 to 6.5 kW is sufficient at the washbasin (e.g. in the guest WC). It delivers two to four litres of warm water per minute for hand washing.

The world-renowned "iF product design award" has been the trademark for the appreciation of good design since 1953. In 2012, the MCX small instantaneous water heater was awarded for its convincing concept and striking design, followed by further awards and positive assessments.

The MCX electric instantaneous water heater can save up to 85% energy compared to small storage heaters. Further information can be found under " Product comparison storage vs. instantaneous water heater".

Perfect for the kitchen sink: CFX-U compact instantaneous water heater
A compact under-sink instantaneous water heater (11 to 13.5 kW) is the efficient solution for the kitchen sink, as it requires four to six litres of hot rinsing water per minute.

The CFX-U and CEX-U compact instantaneous water heaters were awarded the "Plus X Award" in 2022 for "High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Ecology". According to the awarding body, this seal is the "world's largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle".

The temperature can be conveniently adjusted with the Bluetooth remote control (CFX-U) or the sensor key control panel (CEX-U). In addition, the long service life of the appliance, its ease of maintenance and also the consumption values for electricity and water displayed by the remote control contribute to the ecology of the instantaneous water heater.

The CFX-U compact electric instantaneous water heater can save up to 40% energy compared to small storage heaters. Further information can be found under " Product comparison storage vs. instantaneous water heater ".

Ideal for shower and bath: E-comfort instant water heater DSX Touch
For perfect hot water comfort in the bathroom and shower, a continuous-flow water heater with a connected load of 18 to 27 kW is required, so that hot shower or bath water of 8 to 14 litres per minute is always available.

The fully electronic high-tech instantaneous water heater DSX Touch , which has received several awards, is the innovative top device among electronic instantaneous water heaters. It combines high comfort with high energy efficiency and impresses with its innovative touch display and radio remote control. Modern top technology in an aesthetically sophisticated form. The DSX Touch, for example, received the "Red Dot Design Award" in 2019.

Further information on the savings potential of the E-comfort instantaneous water heaters can be found under " Product comparison storage vs. instantaneous water heater ".

The above mentioned instantaneous water heaters can also be used for reheating within a solar system. E-instantaneous water heaters from CLAGE: innovative technology with numerous convenience functions and a good price-performance ratio.