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0 device(s) for your selection

0 device(s) for your selection

Appliance category

Our product range includes specialized products for the various applications of decentralised hot water supply. Select the equipment category you prefer for your application.

Tapping point(s)

Which applications are to be supplied? Which tapping points are located in the room? Select the constellation that is to be supplied in your case.

Nominal power rating

The rated output of a hot water appliance (expressed in kilowatts) has a decisive influence on how much hot water can be provided and what maximum temperature increase can be achieved.

Mounting style

Where are the water connections: under or above the tapping point? Suitable devices are also available for flush-mounted installations with wall connections.

Power supply

Which power supply can be used: is it possible to use a 400 volt connection for the most powerful devices? Can a 230 volt connection be used as a fixed connection or is it only possible to operate a device on a shock-proof socket?

Type of construction

With electronic devices, the temperature can either be controlled in pre-defined steps or can even be continuously controlled to the degree. Some electronic devices can also monitor the removed water temperature and keep it at the set value, even if the amount of water flowing through or the cold water temperature should change dynamically.

Electro-mechanical devices also have the possibility to adjust the temperature, but only via a simple mechanical knob.

Hydraulic water heaters are switched on and off via the water pressure and then always provide their full output for hot water generation.

Pressure design

Pressureless devices must be operated with low-pressure fittings. They supply only one single tapping point at a time.

Pressure-resistant devices are required if the water heater is constantly under water pressure after the valve has been closed. These devices can also supply several tapping points and can also be operated without pressure!

Device features

Our best-equipped "premium" devices offer the highest operating comfort, the most high-tech functions and have the greatest energy-saving potential. "Standard" models offer a very good price/performance ratio with current technology and practical functions, while the "Basic" products meet the most basic requirements for water heaters in terms of equipment.

Fields of application

Are you looking for a device that supplies a single tap? Or a more powerful device that can supply several tapping points (a "group") simultaneously?

Special features

Are you looking for a device that should have a certain feature? Choose between different device features.