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E-module instantaneous water heaters

E-module instantaneous water heater

Specially designed for flush-mounted and pre-wall installation

The new E-module instantaneous water heaters in the ISX series can be optimally integrated into the building infrastructure thanks to the integrated Modbus, WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces.

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Integrated and smartly networked.

Concealed installation.
The new ISX E-module instantaneous water heaters have been specially developed for concealed / pre-wall installation. The concept is ideal for flexible integration into the building infrastructure using the integrated WLAN, Bluetooth and Modbus interfaces. It enables simple installation without wall brackets and without removing the cover.

Modbus interface
The power connection and the Modbus RTU interface for integration into the building and energy management system are easily accessible directly behind the inspection flap.

WLAN and Bluetooth®
Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth function for connection to smartphones and tablets (requires the free "Smart Control" app).

Easy to operate
No matter where the ISX is installed - it can be easily operated from anywhere using the remote control supplied.

Robust with good features.

Convenience you can feel but not see.
With their completely new concept, E-module instantaneous water heaters offer many advantages, regardless of whether you are a user, tenant, planner, architect, landlord or involved in any other function…

Quickly attached to the wall
Directly accessible fixing screws enable quick installation without a separate wall bracket. No template and no need to open the hood.

External water connections
Instead of the usual internal water connections for comfort instantaneous water heaters, the ISX has them on the outside.

Quick connection
The power connection and Modbus interface are easily accessible directly behind the inspection flap.

External device information
All important device information is located on the front of the cover. No more long searches!

Shut-off valve immediately accessible
The integrated shut-off valve also makes the ISX an installation favorite.

Advantages of E-module instantaneous water heaters.

  1. Smart warm- water technology

    Smart warm-

    water technology

  2. Integrated installation



  3. Instant hot water  at any time

    Instant hot water

    at any time

  4. Energy efficient save costs

    Energy efficient

    save costs

  5. Connectivity: Modbus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


    Modbus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Easily accessible!

Installation example in the external supply shaft
Rooms with water tapping points are usually planned wall to wall. This avoids longer pipe runs and the water piping is closer together.

However, E-module instantaneous water heaters can also be integrated together with other building technology in a supply shaft, which can also be located outside the apartment in the hallway! This makes it easy to carry out maintenance or replace appliances without having to access the apartment.

ISX - you can't see a thing!

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E-module instantaneous water heater ISX
ISX: 18/21/24/27 kW, 400 V
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ISX 13: 11/13.5 kW, 400 V
E-module instantaneous water heater ISX 12
ISX 12: 8.8/11.5 kW, 240 V
E-module instantaneous water heater ISX Twin
ISX Twin UP: 2×18/21/24/27 kW, 2×400 V