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E-comfort instant water heater
DEX Next S Twin

E-comfort instant water heater DEX Next S Twin

Energy efficiency class A

(Scale: A+ to F)

  • DEX Next S Twin: 2×18/21/24/27 kW, 2×400 V

This is where the DEX Next S Twin is used.

  1. Shower in spa area

    Shower in spa area

  2. Wellness shower

    Wellness shower

  3. Bath tub

    Bath tub

For maximum shower convenience.

This solution combines two E-comfort instantaneous water heaters to supply one or more tap points with high hot water requirements (minimum flow rate per single tap: 4 l/min), e.g. a wellness shower. The devices are synchronised via the special Twin software, temperature settings are automatically taken over by both devices.

By the integrated Bluetooth function the equipment can be steered also with remote control or by Smartphone or Tablet. Using the "Smart Control" app simplifies the commissioning and maintenance of the device.

  • Complete set of two fully electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters with special installation frame and Bluetooth remote control
  • To supply one or more draw-off points with a high hot water demand (minimum flow rate per individual draw-off point = 4 l/min) together to increase the volume of domestic hot water (e.g. for a wellness shower)
  • With the special TWIN software the units are switched synchronously, temperature settings are automatically adopted by both units. The consumption data can be read out as a total via the statistics.
  • Always temperature accurate to the degree between 20 °C and 60 °C thanks to TWIN TEMPERATURE Control TTC® and dynamic flow rate control SERVOTRONIC®
  • Bare wire heating system IES® ensures a longer service life, less calcification, highly efficient and easy to maintain
  • Electronic safety system with air bubble detection, temperature and pressure shut-off and water stop function
  • With Multiple Power System MPS® the maximum power consumption is defined during installation: 18, 21, 24 or 27 kW
  • Integrated Bluetooth® function for connection with smartphone and tablet (iOS 9 and higher / Android OS 4.4), for this the app "Smart Control" is required
  • Solar-suitable (inlet temperature ≤ 70 °C)
  • Dimensions of the flush-mounted cabinet: 81,6 × 60,3 × 14 cm (H × B × T)

Technical data


Data. Values. Facts.

E-comfort instant water heater DEX Next S Twin
Shower in spa area Wellness shower Bath tub      
DEX Next S Twin
Part number
Nominal power rating 1) (variably adjustable due to MPS) at 400 V [kW]
Maximum operating pressure [MPa (bar)]
Water connections (thread connections)
Hot water output at Δt = 28 K 2) [l/min]
Hot water output at Δt = 38 K 3) [l/min]
Switch-on flow rate [l/min]
Maximum flow rate: automatic [l/min] 4)
Supply voltage [3~ / PE 410 V AC] two permanent connections 5)
Nominal current per unit at 400 V [A]
Required cable diameter per unit [mm²]
Maximum inlet temperature [°C]
Solar-ready 6)
Protection class
Specific water resistance at 15 °C [Ωcm] ≥
Weight filled with water [kg], approx.
2 × 18 2 × 21 2 × 24 2 × 27
1 (10) 1 (10) 1 (10) 1 (10)
G ½" G ½" G ½" G ½"
2 × 9.2 2 × 10.7 2 × 12.3 2 × 13.8
2 × 6.8 2 × 7.9 2 × 9.0 2 × 10.2
4 4 4 4
26 30 35 39
4.0 4.0 6.0 6.0
70 70 70 70
IP 25 IP 25 IP 25 IP 25
1100 1100 1100 1100
22 22 22 22

1) The selected power rating determines the values of nominal current, cable diameter and hot water output

2) Temperature increase e.g. from 12 °C to 40 °C

3) Temperature increase e.g. from 12 °C to 50 °C

4) Depending on line pressure, selected temperature and inlet temperature

5) Alternatively connectable to 380 V

6) Suitable for reheating



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Price list



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FX 3

FX 3 (included)

Additional remote control for convenient temperature adjustment of the instantaneous water heater over a distance of approx. 10 metres in the building. Secure, Bluetooth® wireless transmission, stepless temperature selection via two keys, two fixed value keys and an LCD display, magnetic wall bracket and batteries (included). IP 20. Dimensions (H × W × D): 5.8 × 12.5 × 1,9 cm

FX 3: Part no. 3200-34021

FXS Next (D)

FXS Next (D) (optional)

Bluetooth radio remote control for electronic instantaneous water heaters, temperature selection and settings via sensor keys in an intuitive menu navigation, with e-paper display, Bluetooth connection for secure data transmission between radio remote control and instantaneous water heater, FXE 3 radio adapter for installation in the instantaneous water heater (D series) included in the scope of delivery of FXS Next, batteries and magnetic wall bracket included in the scope of delivery.

FXS Next (D): Part no. 3200-34025

Interesting features.

  1. Smart Control-ready

    Smart Control-ready

  2. Bluetooth remote control included

    Bluetooth remote control included

  3. Solar-compatible, suitable for reheating

    Solar-compatible, suitable for reheating

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