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Tap for Zip HydroTap:
Touch-Free BCS

Tap for Zip HydroTap: Touch-Free BCS
  • Touch-Free BCS
    Polished chrome

This is where the Touch-Free BCS is used.

  1. Boiling water

    Boiling water

  2. Chilled still water

    Chilled still water

  3. Chilled sparkling water

    Chilled sparkling water

Contactless for more hygiene.

The "Touch-Free BCS" tap in combination with the Zip HydroTap BCS under-table unit provides filtered, boiling, chilled or even carbonated water - all from a single Tap!

  • Electronic withdrawal armature, especially for the under-table device Zip HydroTap BCS. (Further variants of this fitting for other under-sink devices can be found on this overview page.)
  • With IR sensors, function display and holding function for convenient jug filling
  • Ø 35 mm hole drilling required
  • Dimensions: fixed spout 12 cm, height 21 cm

Technical data


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Tap for Zip HydroTap: Touch-Free BCS
Boiling water Chilled still water Chilled sparkling water
Touch-Free BCS
Part number
Polished chrome
Safety sensor for boiling water
Quantity filling for chilled still water
Quantity filling for chilled carbonated water
Hole drilling Ø [mm]



Media type Title Date Size

Product flyer



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KXTV 10 (optional)

For tap »Classic«: The optional stainless steel draining tray with waste water connection and chrome extension allows for flexible installation of the electronic dispensing tap at any location away from the sink. Finish: polished chrome.

KXTV 10: Part no. 4100-44565

KXV 10

KXV 10 (optional)

For tap »Classic«: The optional chrome extension allows for raising the electronic dispensing tap by 13.5 cm. Finish: polished chrome.

KXV 10: Part no. 4100-44165

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